RHSBBA 2018-19 Fundraising Calendar

The Roswell High School Band cannot operate without your help.  We have multiple opportunities, big and small, to generate financial support of our band programs. 


Business Sponsorships and Grants Committee

-All year                                                             

-Outreach to businesses; the biggest upside for us in the new year


Mountain Park Live 

-June 2, 2018; a Benefit Concert at the Mountain Park Gazebo from 3-7pm.

-We provide volunteers, help w/advertising; have a booth (water, bake sale)


Domino’s Pizza Card

-August 8-22, 2018; Cards sold at $10 ea. Buy 1 large pizza, get 1 free. Unlimited use.


Concessions Stands at Varsity Football Games

-Fall 2018


50/50 Raffle

-Held at our home Varsity Football games and named concerts and activities.


Movie Nights

-November 28, 2018 and March 11, 2019; movie nights held at Aurora 51.



Mattress Sale

-October 13, 2018.  To be held at our school.  Very successful at other local schools

-Needing to buy a mattress? Hold off.  Save the date and get a deal at our Mattress Sale.                                                                                                                                 



-Oct 27, 2018; a food truck night with a preview of the marching band’s show.


Letter Writing Campaign

- January 2019; assist Mr. Moon and students in conducting a letter writing campaign.


Greenery Sale                                                                                       

-December 1, 2018; a sale of trees, poinsettias and wreaths at Roswell United Methodist Church.

-Students and parents help unload and deliver.



M.A.R.C.H. (Musicians Acting with Responsibility, Compassion and Hard work)

-March 16, 2019

-Biggest fundraiser in RHS Band History, and supports the Roswell community.


“Swarmin’ the Green”

-April 27, 2019; $30 for mini golf at The Fringe Miniature Golf, pizza, soda, popcorn and the movie Avengers:End Game                                               


MARCH Summary and Flyer
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2018 Greenery Fundraiser
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T-shirt contest details
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Mattress Sale Flyer
Use this flyer to hand out to potential customers. Write student's name at the bottom to get credit for the referral.
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Dominos Parent Letter.pdf
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Slice the Price Card Flyer.pdf
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Roswell High School Band Booster Associa
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