Roswell High School Band Booster Association (RHSBBA)

It is the mission of the Roswell High School Bands Program to instill musical excellence in the organization’s membership, provide motivational support to the athletic programs, and foster a sense of community among all stakeholders through the performance of music.

Our Vision
The Roswell High School Bands provide an opportunity for student musicians to further develop their musical competence providing the skills needed for life-long enjoyment of music as a performer or consumer of the musical arts.By bringing together a culturally and academically diverse membership, the band program provides leadership to unify the student body through support of the athletic programs and other school activities.Providing quality performances that appeal to a wide spectrum of stakeholders will enable the Roswell Bands to serve as ambassadors for Roswell High School at the regional, national, and global levels. Moreover, the persona exhibited by the band membership reflects an expectation for Roswell students to exhibit academic excellence, participation in school life, and service to the community.

Our Guiding Belief
Preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world is the primary focus of the school. The Roswell Bands strive to promote and maximize student achievement by providing an enhanced sense of belonging, pride, and loyalty to Roswell High School.

Our Goals
Recruit and retain competent membership in all units and sections of the band resulting in a nationally acclaimed musical organization.Develop student leadership that will foster loyalty, camaraderie, and longevity among all members of the organization.Instill a sense of following for the Roswell Bands among various stakeholders in the Roswell and local communities.Lead the student body in developing school spirit and support for the school’s athletic teams.Provide a membership network that will promote a sense of family to help ensure student success and satisfaction.Engage graduates in a life-long relationship with music through membership in collegiate and community organizations after graduation.

Meet the 2018 RHSBBA Executive Board

John O’Donovan


For many, many football seasons, I have been a part of the RHS Marching Band Pit Crew and drive and manage the Penske truck for summer camp, marching competitions and away football games. Professionally, I am a Senior Technology Strategy and Delivery Executive where I strive to promote continual growth and technological advancement across a variety of industries. On a personal level, I am married to Beth O’Donovan, who more than some of you also know. I am also the father of three: Kathleen, class of 2019, is a percussionist in Wind Ensemble and participates in the RHSMB. My youngest, Corinne, class of 2021, is a percussionist as well. She too participates in the RHSMB. Patrick played trumpet for 4 years in the RHS Band and Marching Band. He is a 2017 RHS Graduate and is currently attending LSU. 


Mark Herring


We moved to Georgia from the Chicago area in 2005 with my wife Kristine and our two boys, Joshua (Class of 2018) and Nathan (Class of 2020.) We had our third child Ellie, in 2006. We moved to the Roswell area in 2014 and fell in love with the community immediately. Our son, Nathan, fell in love with music at a young age and became our budding musician under the expert tutelage of Mr. Gus Melton at Crabapple Middle School. Band class and marching band at RHS was an absolute yes for Nathan and he excelled in his freshman year. With 29 years of technical experience doing large scale events, I jumped in with helping-out the Marching band. I was asked to serve on the Booster board as VP and gladly accepted. I’m excited to contribute my time and skill to the board and the band, and am excited to see what we can do together. I have provided technical support and direction for such companies as Aramark, IHG, Nintendo, The White House, Ford Motor Company, NuSkin, KIA Motors, CAbi, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Genentech Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Porsche, Gartner Group, The Coca-Cola Company, Motorola, A.T. Kearney, and many other Fortune 500 companies. I like to think I bring a positive and willing attitude that people find refreshing and encouraging.


Greg Freeman

Vice President, Support Services

Roswell has been my home for many years and I have enjoyed participating in my son's school activities, as well as his sports and Boy Scouts endeavors. Now that Nicholas is a percussionist in the Class of 2022, I welcome the opportunity to participate in the band experience. With the music program at Roswell High School, he has found a great group of friends, instructors and band parents to make his high school experience the best it can be. His mother, Caroline, and I are so happy to see him with a group of peers and adults who can encourage his interest in music and his overall development. In my professional life, I am a freelance writer and author of seven narrative nonfiction books on wartime experiences and other historical events.


Michael and Marineli Dal Cerro

Co-Vice Presidents, Ways and Means

Michael and Marineli have been married for over 20 years and have 3 wonderful sons, including Carlo who plays the trumpet.  


Marineli has a history of volunteering here in Roswell, including her service as PTA President at Crabapple Middle School.  She enjoys spending time with the family, traveling and learning how to stay healthy using essential oils.    


Michael graduated from Roswell High School back in 1991.  He was also in the Roswell Band, including Marching Band, Jazz, Pep and all of the indoor bands.  Today, he is an accomplished senior recruiting professional specialized in the management consulting and high tech industries.  Nicknamed “Michael D’, he is passionate about giving back having served on the Boards of several non-profit organizations such as Habersham Downs Homeowners Association and Sandy Plains Baseball Association.


Today, the couple operate a purpose driven recruiting and real estate services firm named Dal Cerro Group, LLC.  


They serve on the Board because it’s all about the kids.  They want to continue the great tradition of Roswell Band while leaving fingerprints on the hearts of the kids that will last a lifetime. 


They can be reached at 


Ginger Greve

Director, Communications

When we moved to Roswell in 2007, we had no idea what a great community we were joining! From RNE, to CMS, and now at Roswell High, we have continued to build friendships and watch our children flourish. Nate, Class of 2020, plays Alto Sax in the Symphonic Band and Baritone Sax in the Marching Band, is an Eagle Scout, a member of the RHS Nestwork Student Technology Team and is very interested in politics. Ainsley, class of 2021, enjoys the stage in both Chorus and Drama, is a Girl Scout, an avid piano player and photographer, and runs for RHS XC. My husband, Todd, and I own TG Visuals Video Productions and produce professional videos for corporate communications. I have held various board and volunteer positions at RNE and CMS, in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, our Inverness neighborhood, and our church, St. Ann’s. I’m looking forward to working more closely with the RHSBBA to continue a great tradition at RHS.


Jennifer Collier


My family and I moved to Roswell about 10 years ago. We feel like we made a wonderful choice for our children. Roswell has been so good to us. My husband, Andy, and I have three children. Our oldest, Hudson, is class of 2022 and plays Alto Sax in the Symphonic band. He is an avid mountain biker and rock climber on the Stone Summit team as well as being a part of the YMSL here in Roswell. Our  daughter, Hadley, is in the 8th grade attending High Meadows School and plays on the UFA DA team.  Larson is our youngest and he is  also at High Meadows in the 5th grade. He is following in the footsteps of his big brother with mountain biking and climbing on a Stone Summit team in Atlanta. I look forward to being the secretary of the RHSBBA and working alongside my fellow board members, as well as Mr. Moon to help provide the best experiences for our band families and the band members.


Angela McPherson


I am a military brat who was born in Carrollton, Georgia but moved around with the Army.  We lived in Georgia, Germany, Kansas, and Kentucky/Tennessee.  When I graduated from High School, my dad received a medical discharge from the Army and back to Georgia we came.  It was quite an adjustment for me not to move every three years being able to meet new people and explore new places.  Then I met my husband, Bruce, in 1987 and we became the best of friends.  We married in August 1996, bought the house he was born and raised in, had two boys, and are living the dream! 😊  Bruce graduated from Roswell High School in 1987.  He was in the band and marching band at RHS which explains where Augustus got his musical abilities because I have none.  Augustus (Class of 2020) plays trombone in the band and marching band.  He is excited about being chosen as the Trombone Section Leader for the 2018/2019 band season.  Augustus started his band career with Mr. Melton at CMS beginning in 6th grade and has grown tremendously over the years!  Band is a family like no other and I could not be prouder of what these kids are accomplishing through music!


I look forward to being the Treasurer of the RHSBBA, working closely with such a great group of board members, Mr. Moon, and band families.