Roswell High School Band Booster Association (RHSBBA)

If you have a child in the Band then congratulations, you are now a member of the RHS Band Boosters (RHSBBA). The Boosters it is a great way to meet the parents and the kids your student will be spending much of their time with for the next four years. The easiest way to volunteer is by attending the monthly Band Booster meetings where you will learn more about the program and where it needs your help. Getting involved in the band program will give you the opportunity to share with your child the last four years of their education, these years that go so fast and are rarely enjoyed by many parents. The band parents are needed to support the directors, and help with the details of fundraising, transporting, feeding and watering an organization this size.The band needs parents to be able to function; it is for this reason that we urge you to get involved. Join one of the many committees; we need your help. Grandparents, siblings, or any member of your family can get involved and make a difference.


Band students working in Vickery Creek during the annual MARCH (Musicians Acting with Responsibility, Compassion and Hard Work) fundraiser. Full Story

Meet the 2019 RHSBBA Executive Board

Mark Herring


As VP for the last 2 years of the RHSBBA, I decided to step up and serve as Co-President with Michael Dal Cerro this year hoping to help Mr. Moon move the band to the next level. I’m excited and encouraged to be working more closely with Mr. Moon and Mr. Dal Cerro to grow and enrich the RHS students and band community.


I grew up in the Chicago area and met my wife, Kristine, while working at Willow Creek Community Church. We were married in 1998 and we moved to Georgia in 2005 with our two boys, Joshua (RHS Class of 2018) and Nathan (RHS Class of 2020) We had our third child, Ellie, in 2006 who is currently in 6thgrade at JFCA. We moved to Roswell in 2014 and fell in love with the community immediately. Our son, Nathan, fell in love with music at a young age and became our budding musician under the expert tutelage of Mr. Gus Melton at Crabapple Middle School. Band class and marching band at RHS was an absolute yes for Nathan and he excelled under Mr. Moon the last 3 years.


With 30 years of technical and management experience doing large scale live events, I’m excited to continue to contribute my time and skill to the board and the band, and am excited to see what we can do together. I like to think I bring a positive and willing attitude that people find refreshing and encouraging. I look forward to being your co-president.


Michael Dal Cerro


As Co-President, it’s my sincere desire to make 2019 the best it can be!  I have a strong passion for success and being a positive force.


Serving on the Board is all about the kids. I want to continue the great tradition of Roswell Band while leaving fingerprints on the hearts of the kids that will last a lifetime.  For the experiences of Roswell Band to provide long lasting impact to the kids, like it did for me from many years ago when I graduated from RHS back in 1991.  I was also in the Roswell Band, including the Marching Band and various indoor bands. 


Prior to my role as Co-President, my wife Marineli and I served as Co-VP’s of Ways and Means in 2018.  We have been married for over 21 years and have 3 wonderful sons, including Carlo (Class of 2021) who plays the trumpet. 


I am a senior recruiting professional specialized in the management consulting and high tech industries.  I serve as Managing Partner of Dal Cerro Group, LLC; a purpose-driven services firm to help you ‘Make Your Move’ at work, home, health and community.


My love for Roswell goes back to when I first moved here in 1986.  It’s home and always will be.


Craig Baughn

Vice President

My wife, Shannon, and I have been a part of the Roswell community since we moved here in 2000. As a former high school band member, I am excited to see our children grow in their musical endeavors. While this is my first year on the board, I have supported the band through three years on the pit crew. Shannon and I have been married 22 years and have three children. Trinity, Class of 2020, is one of the drum majors for the Swarm and plays Baritone Saxophone. She has loved the Roswell band since day one and it has been amazing to watch her thrive through her high school years. Kalyn, Class of 2023, is looking forward to joining the Color Guard when she enters RHS in the fall. Xander, Class of 2025, just began his band journey as a baritone player at Elkins Pointe MS.


I am the owner of a small landscape company, Eden Again Inc. My family and I are also very actively involved in our church, Crabapple First Baptist, where I volunteer in the youth ministry and serve as a deacon. I am looking forward to being a more involved part of this great organization.


Greg Freeman

Vice President, Support Services

Roswell has been my home for many years and I have enjoyed participating in my son's school activities, as well as his sports and Boy Scouts endeavors. Now that Nicholas is a percussionist in the Class of 2022, I welcome the opportunity to participate in the band experience. With the music program at Roswell High School, he has found a great group of friends, instructors and band parents to make his high school experience the best it can be. His mother, Caroline, and I are so happy to see him with a group of peers and adults who can encourage his interest in music and his overall development. In my professional life, I am a freelance writer and author of seven narrative nonfiction books on wartime experiences and other historical events.


Anne-Marie Canty

Co-Vice President, Ways and Means

My husband and I moved to Roswell from CT in 2015. We are both Irish and have lived in the States for 22 years. High school marching band, and that culture, is a completely new experience to us as life growing up in Ireland is so different. We have 3 kids, Olivia plays flute and will graduate in 2020, and Molly, class of 2022, plays clarinet. We also have a 5th grade boy who is excited to join band at Elkins in the fall. Between marching band, Irish dance and soccer, we have a busy household. I am a stay at home mom as my husband travels a lot for work. I am a very active member of the PTSA and jump in wherever it's needed in all the schools.


Gretchen Shirley

Co-Vice President, Ways and Means

I relocated to Georgia from Minnesota in 2010, and moved to Roswell in 2013. I have been a pharmacist for 23 years. I am the pharmacy manager at Publix Pharmacy in Marietta and love my job! In my spare time, I play tennis and love to read.


My husband, Steve and I have two boys. Will ( RHS class of 2020) is on the Varsity lacrosse team and loves all things sports related. Steve is a corporate controller and uses those skills in his position as the treasurer for the RHS Lacrosse Booster Club Board. Eric (RHS class of 2022) is active in the Marching Band and Indoor Drumline. He started playing percussion in 4th grade, and music quickly became an important part of his life! His dream is to study music engineering at Georgia Tech, where he can combine his aptitude for computers and math with his love of music.


Marching band has been a wonderful experience for our family. I hope to use my organizational skills and enthusiasm for RHS to help make this the best year yet for the Hornets!


Esther Collins

Director, Communications

I am an Atlanta native, having lived in Roswell for 9 years. I have worked at Roswell United Methodist Church for 6 years and I love this community and the people in it! I have two children - my oldest, William, is a tuba player and involved in the jazz band. My youngest, Harper, is a second grader at Mountain Park and is an avid supporter of the RHS band herself! I hope to serve our band families well during this upcoming year! Go Hornets!


Christina Knutson


My family relocated to Roswell four years ago and we have grown to love the area and community. My husband Josh and I are high school sweethearts of 21 years. Our oldest, Aurora (Class of 2022), is a passionate percussionist on the drum line of the Roswell High School Marching Band. She is also an avid swimmer and an aspiring aerospace engineer who faithfully attends Space Camp each summer. Our youngest, Alex (Class of 2025), just joined the band family this year playing the clarinet for Crabapple Middle School. He also plays soccer with the City of Roswell and hopes to be a marine biologist. I am the Customer Service Manager for the IT department for Applied Research Associates, a company based in NM that does science and engineering projects for the government. Josh and I are proud to be Hornet parents and have been enthusiastic supporters of the marching band since day one. I hope to use my organizational and detail-oriented skills to be a valuable contributor to the Roswell High School Marching Band’s success!


William Poole


Our family has lived in Roswell since 2010. we really enjoy the city and all it has to offer. My wife, Julie, and I try to participate in our son, Davis' school activities asm uch as possible. We enjoy helping the various activities and clubs Davis is involved in. Davis really enjoys music and performing with the Wind Ensemble as a Bass Trombonist. We are also actively involved with the Roswell Robotics Club. I also serve as treasurer for the Brookfrield County Club HOA. In my spare time, I enjoying woodworking and boating on Lake Allatoona. We also travel to Disney World a lot.


Aimee Christian


Although DC is my hometown, I have lived in Atlanta since 1993, when I moved here after I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. I have worked in the hotel business, printing business and home building industry. These days I own a Property

Management company which my husband and I started back in 2001 right after we got married. We met through North Point Community Church and got married on Hilton Head Island. Alan runs his own mortgage company. We attend Fellowship Bible Church where I am the Drama Teacher of the childrens’ musical program, His Kids. Alan and I have four kids: Lex (RHS Class of 2022) who plays

mellophone for Marching Band and French horn in Wind Ensemble and participates in crew in the spring. Our daughter Ana (8 th grade CMS, after

being homeschooled her elementary years) plays bassoon and Santos soccer. AJ is at Mill Springs Academy in 6 th grade. He loves playing the trumpet in their band and swimming. Our youngest is Abigail. She is homeschooled through the hybrid

called The Kings Academy and loves dancing, singing and acting. Our house is chaos with four kids in four schools and lots of activities, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am looking forward to working with the incredible Board the band has in place.