Marching Band Music is Ready!

Click on The Uprising picture above to get your marching band music for the first of three songs! Once you follow the link print out your part and listen to the recording in the folder.

Read this...Important Info about the Mandatory Pre-Marching Band Camp at Elkins Pointe

RHS Pre-Marching Band Camp is at Elkins Pointe (Mandatory)

  • Only rookies come on Monday (no matter the age... if they haven't marched at RHS then Monday is required)
  • All students who have previously marched WITH RHS can show up on Tuesday
  • Arrive at the front entrance of Elkins Point Middle School  and then to the cafeteria by 7:45 AM
  • Bring instrument/mouthpiece/mallets/equipment.
  • A 3-ring binder with page protectors (print music from Facebook or website and bring it along)
  • Bring a personal water cooler... with lots of personal water, Vitamin Water or Gaterade. It Will Be Hot!
  • Bring your own LUNCH, yes something to eat.  Bring enough for you to eat and not mooch off of others.
  • A Hat...something to protect your face and eyes.
  • look cool in them so wear them.
  •  Wear lace-up or velcro tennis shoes...the kind of shoe that makes your feet really smelly.  NO Flip Flops or Chakos, etc.




Get Ready for RHS Marching Band Camp...Coordinate sheets or "The Dot Book"!

RHS Marching Band Information

All forms and documents can be found under the documents/forms tab.

Marching band camp is at Reinhardt University

RHS Marching Band Camp (Mandatory)

  • July 27th - 31st at Reinhart University


Marching band camp at Reinhardt University 2013